Whether you’re spring cleaning or getting started on new projects for 2012, it’s worth reviewing existing WordPress sites and setting up new ones for success over the coming year. We’ve picked out some of the best WordPress security plugins to help you safeguard your website.


Ultimate Security Checker

This handy plugin will analyse and grade your site, suggesting security improvements to help you increase your score. It will also flag potentially suspicious elements (for example JavaScript within posts and pages).



TimThumb Vulnerability Scanner

If you have any plugins which make use of timthumb, it’s worth installing and running this vulnerability scanner which will highlight potential issues and inform you if you’re using an outdated version.


6Scan Security

In the same vein as Ultimate Security Checker, 6Scan Security scans your site like a hacker to determine potential weak spots, checking through all of the OWASP Top Ten security vulnerabilities. With two elements, ‘Patrol’ and ‘Bodyguard’, you can scan and fix potential exploits easily.

Bulletproof Security

If you hate messing with .htaccess files and code, try Bulletproof Security. You can manage settings and improve security for your WordPress installation directly from your admin dashboard.



Login Lock

This plugin has a variety of useful features particularly suited to multi-user blogs or WordPress installations for clients. Login Lock helps enforce more secure passwords, monitors log in attempts, offers an emergency lock down feature and more.

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